Growing Your Campus Group

Campus Reform Reporter

Establishing your own conservative/libertarian club on campus can be daunting these days when it seems like you and a couple of your friends are the only ones who have the same political beliefs.

If this is your group's first year in existence or even if you'd like to start your own group in the fall, there are important steps to take before the semester ends and even during the summer:

  • Once successors are appointed or elected, the new officers should meet to discuss and/or establish their vision for the group when entering the next year. This helps everyone start on the same page when trying to run an effective student organization.
  • Group leaders should take an opportunity to attend a leadership or activism conference during the summer to polish their leadership skills and learn about how to increase the size and reach of their group.
  • Start making a list of activities/events your group would like to hold during the year and ALWAYS be sure to have a sign-up sheet so you can collect names and contact information of those who are interested in joining your club. Click here for a comprehensive list of activism ideas that are sure to jump-start your planning for next semester.
  • Sign up ASAP for your school's student organization fair. This enables you a secured a spot to recruit freshman as they are looking for clubs to join.
  • Remember that an active and dedicated group naturally attracts members to join because students want to be a part of an active and thriving organization.

Would you like more information on keeping your group established on campus? Contact your Campus Services Coordinator to help you establish a succession and recruitment plan to help you go to the next level.

After all, you are limited only by your dedication.


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